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At Dermatology in Bangalore we deliver great care and attention to all with up to date medical advice and amazing facilities.
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Surgical Dermatology
We provide special surgical treatments to our patients. We have latest technology with us and very well experienced Dermatologist.
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Medical Dermatology
We manage and diagnose a variety of skin problems with complete medical facilities and with extra care and attention.
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At Dermatologist in Bangalore, we strive to provide expert skin care strategies for your medical and aesthetic dermatological needs.

We have fully accredited special medical and aesthetic dermatology care that will satisfy all your needs of skin care and skin treatment.

We have professional touch and are built in the heart of the Bangalore city with the emphasis on the privacy and the quality results.

We have no hidden costs and all the prices have been quoted in the front with full financial counseling.

We use the best quality of materials for laser and other systems to deliver you the best results.

We provide the expert treatment for wound management and to get rid of scar.


Skin Cancer Treatment in Bangalore

Skin cancer is become very popular and it is affecting many people in their lifetime. The dermatologists in Bangalore are specially trained experts in detecting and treating skin cancer. The dermatologists in Bangalore have a solution to your complete skin problems. The services include diagnosis, investigation, and management of Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. All the dermatologists are experts in treating skin cancer and you can complete hand over your skin to the dermatologists in Bangalore and they will give you the best treatment.

Psoriasis Treatment in Bangalore

Psoriasis is a very common skin problem that affects a majority of population. Some of the patients with the Psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis is related obesity and metabolic syndrome. Psoriasis can be treated even the worst cases of psoriasis can be treated by the dermatologists. Most of the cases of psoriasis are mild and can be treated and controlled very easily with topical therapy or the phototherapy.

Eczema Treatment in Bangalore

Eczema is a very common skin problem mainly among the children and it also affects adults in large number. Most of the type of Eczema is due to the genetic defect in the skin barrier function and also immune mediated inflammation which causes dry and vulnerable skin that is prone to itchy rashes.  Eczema can also occur due to allergy or irritation from the external source that comes into the contact with the skin.


Eczema can mostly be treated by providing the skin with nourishment and moisture and also avoiding contact with the allergens. The dermatologists in Bangalore will guide and treat the Eczema very effectively and with modern techniques.

Excessive sweating Treatment in Bangalore

Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis and it often goes undiagnosed due to the lack of awareness about the condition and the treatment. Unnecessary social, emotional, or professional consequences may happen due to excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating is mostly a lifelong condition; you can get rid of it only by following a proper treatment. There are various types of excessive sweating and only the dermatologists can help you with the type of excessive sweating you are facing. The dermatologists at Bangalore are very experienced in treating excessive sweating and will surely provide you the most effective treatment.

Ance Treatment in Bangalore

Acne is commonly seen among the teenagers but it also affects adults. The dermatologist in Bangalore offers you an individualized treatment from moderate to severe. The acne can be treated by general skin care, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a sensible amount of sunlight. The treatment of acne also includes gels, creams, oral antibiotics, and such other medicines. The treatments are often successful but it may leave behind an acne scar. So it is advisable to visit the dermatologists in Bangalore to treat your acne completely without leaving any scar.

Patch Treatment in Bangalore

Patch testing is mainly used to determine the allergen which causes the eczema or any other skin problem. Patch testing is performed by the dermatologists if you are suffering from eczema to find the allergen which had caused the eczema. The dermatologists will best advice you about the patch testing so you need to visit the dermatologists in Bangalore to get the best results.